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Our three operational boards, which report to the Resources Committee, make sure that we are carrying out our business in line with our corporate plan. Operational boards are made up of members and co-opted members.

Each board has a number of committees, groups and panels which report into it.

The Education, Qualification, Standards and Practice Board:

  • Establishes and maintains appropriate standards of competence and conduct of those engaged, or about to engage, in the science and practice of building and construction. For example health and safety, environment, sustainability and ethics.
  • Promotes, conducts and supports research and publishes the results of such research.
  • Promotes, establishes and supports standards and codes of practice.
  • Lays down standards of education, training and experience and holds examinations and tests of knowledge and experience.

The Business Development Board:

  • Ensures all members are made aware of their role and responsibilities.
  • Forms strategies for the development and delivery of products and services to members and the public worldwide.
  • Reviews the products and services provided to members and the public; sets standards for the delivery and accessibility of those products and services; and monitors how well we are doing against those standards.

The Policy Board:

  • Identifies and prioritises relationships with the stakeholder bodies defined in our Royal Charter.
  • Advises and assists Trustees on policy development in relation to stakeholder engagement.
  • Contributes to conferences and consultations and maintains contact and co-operation with relevant bodies.