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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Concessionary rates are only available to MCIOB and FCIOB members.

Subscription fee freeze

CIOB has been working closely with members throughout the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure support is available to all members during this difficult time.

Our board of trustees have confirmed that all memberships prices will be frozen at 2020 levels – there is no increase in subscription for members renewing for 2021.

If you are experiencing particular hardship due to COVID-19, find out more about the personal support we can offer members.

Pro-rata subscriptions

Our subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Members joining from the 1 February each year will be eligible for a pro-rata subscription.

Pro-rata subscriptions are calculated on a monthly basis across the year based on the full year subscription.

Subscription Rates

2021 SubscriptionCIAT* rates
MemberHKD 2,915HKD 2,186
Student - Full timeFreeFree
Student - Part timeHKD 377HKD 377
AssociateHKD 2,508HKD 1,881
IncorporatedHKD 2,508HKD 1,881
ApplicantHKD 2,508HKD 1,881
Retired - Under 75 yearsHKD 674HKD 674
Retired - Over 75 yearsFreeFree
FellowHKD 3,400HKD 2,550
Fellowship Assessment FeesHKD 6,940
Member - Academic¬HKD 1,458HKD 1,093
Applicant - Academic¬HKD 1,254HKD 940.50
Fellow - Academic¬HKD 1,700HKD 1,275

Other Fees

Admission Fee: 
HKD 1,031
Professional Review: 
HKD 3,149
NVQ7 Professional Review Fee: 
HKD 2,624
Individual Assessment Fee: 
HKD 258
Award Ceremony: 
HKD 545 (Guests HKD 644)
Replacement Membership Card: 
HKD 122
Replacement Membership Certificate: 
HKD 272

Professional Development Programme

Registration Fee: 
HKD 3,149
Final Assessment Fee: 
HKD 1,575

Chartered Membership Programme (CMP)

Registration Fee: 
HKD 525
Exam Fee: 
HKD 3,674

Regulated Qualifications

Level 3 and 4 Unit Registration: 
HKD 231
Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervisory Studies: 
HKD 1,016
Level 4 Diploma in Site Management Studies: 
HKD 1,016

Chartered Environmentalist Fees

HKD 694
Registration Fee: 
HKD 1,041

Other Fee Information

*If you hold dual membership of both CIOB and CIAT you may be eligible for reduced rates

¬ Academic rates are available to education professionals whose income is derived from the teaching of building or construction related courses in the education sector.


Heritage Annual SubscriptionHKD 1,016
Heritage Certification - Certified Assessment FeeHKD 3,048
Heritage Certification - Proficient Assessment FeeHKD 3,048
Heritage Certification – Registered Assessment FeeHKD 2,032

Chartered Building Companies

Under £1 MillionHKD 3,817
£1 - £5 MillionHKD 6,127
£5 - £25 MillionHKD 12,243
£25 - £50 MillionHKD 15,257
Over £50 MillionHKD 22, 901
Enrolment Fee - Under £5 MillionHKD 2,052
Enrolment Fee - Over £5 MillionHKD 3,589

Chartered Building Consultancies

1 Professional StaffHKD 1,428
2 to 3 Professional StaffHKD 2,915
4 to 5 Professional StaffHKD 4,967
6 to 8 Professional StaffHKD 9,815
9 to 12 Professional StaffHKD 12,412
13 to 25 Professional StaffHKD 19,480
26+ Professional StaffHKD 23,347
Enrolment Fee 1 to 3 Professional StaffHKD 2,052
Enrolment Fee 3+ Professional Staff HKD 3,589

Grade descriptions

Chartered Member

Chartered Membership is our most popular membership grade and it brings with it many benefits, including the right to use MCIOB as a post-nominal designation. Chartered Members also recieve access to over 500 events every year, free CPD resources from the Academy, and access to our Library Information Service.


The Fellowship Grade is the highest award offered by the CIOB. Fellows are amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry and the highly sought after post-nominal designation, FCIOB, is proof of this. Fellowship also brings benefits such as career progression, promotion, higher salaries and a wider range of job opportunities. 


Student membership is our entry point into membership for those who are either studying full-time or part-time. Student membership gives you access to a wealth of resources to support you in your transition to a worthwhile career in construction. 

Payment Options - Hong Kong

We make paying your membership fees easy by giving you the option to pay online, by direct debit (for UK bank account holders only), over the telephone, or by sending us a cheque. See below to find out more about these payment options.

Pay online

You can pay online in pounds sterling using an internationally recognised debit or credit card via the members log in area. (Please note your bank may charge you for this service). You will be able to download your receipt from the website the next day.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Diners Club, JCB and Maestro. This includes prepaid debit & credit cards. We do not accept American Express.

Pay over the telephone

Call the Customer Services team on +44 (0) 1344 630 700 to pay in Hong Kong dollars by debit or credit card. (Please note your bank may charge you for this service).

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Diners Club, JCB and Maestro. This includes prepaid debit & credit cards. We do not accept American Express.


Pay by bank transfer (in HK$)

You can also pay your fees in HK$ to the following CIOB bank account:  

Account name: The Chartered Institute of Building 


Bank: HSBC Ltd


Account no: 600-626-634-001  


Please email your remittance advice to noting your membership number / full name as this is the only way that we can allocate the payment to your account.

Pay by cheque in HK$

Please make your cheque payable to The Chartered Institute of Building and send to:  

Room 2117, 21/F,One Pacific Centre
414 Kwun Tong Road
Kwun Tong
Hong Kong

Please also quote your membership number and full name on the back of the cheque.