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Annual General Meeting 2020


25th June 2020

The Annual General Meeting took place on 24 June 2020 at 1400hrs (BST), where the President Charles Egbu announced the results of the Poll of the Chartered members.

12.5% (2,679 Corporate members) of the electorate took part in the Poll.

Resolution 1: To Adopt the Annual Review of the Chartered Institute of Building 2019.

For – 2,497

Against – 25

Abstain – 143

The Annual Review for 2019 was adopted.

Resolution 2: To appoint Haysmacintyre LLP as the Auditors of the Institute and authorise the Board of Trustees to agree their remuneration

For – 2,354

Against – 63

Abstain – 244

Haysmacintyre LLP have been appointed as the Auditors of the Institute and the Board of Trustees authorised to agree their remuneration.

The Board of Trustees for 2020/21 are:

President:                                Mark Beard FCIOB

Senior Vice President:            Mike Foy FCIOB

Vice President:                        Michael Yam FCIOB

Ian Brant FCIOB                     (2021)

Virginia Borkoski FCIOB         (2023)*

Christine Gausden FCIOB      (2021)*

Noreen Hollywood FCIOB      (2022)

Ivan McCarthy FCIOB            (2022)*

Stephen Nitman FCIOB         (2023)*

James Tucker FCIOB             (2021)

Paul Young FCIOB                 (2023)

Tim Barrett FCIOB                 (2022)*

Keith Blizzard FCIOB             (2023)

Peter Dawber FCIOB             (2021)

Noel McKee FCIOB               (2023)



Charles Egbu FCIOB             (2021)

David Philp FCIOB                 (2021)

(Brackets indicates the year of tenure completion)

*Second term



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