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CIOB and i3PT launch Golden Thread report


1st December 2020

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), in collaboration with i3PT Certification, has today published its Golden Thread Report.

The report, which presents the findings of an in-depth survey undertaken earlier this year that looked at how prepared the UK’s built environment industry is to deliver a digital golden thread of information, found that 85 per cent of built environment professionals believe that a digital golden thread of information will enable better decision making and create a clearer chain of accountability across the built environment.

When the Building a Safer Future report was published in May 2018, it highlighted the need for a digital golden thread of building information that was created, held and maintained throughout the lifecycle of a building. This report provides an important insight into the industry’s understanding of the golden thread and what will be needed to deliver it in practice.

Using detailed analysis of the data from the survey and written responses, the report presents a picture of an industry looking for answers to some important questions, including who should be responsible for creating and maintaining the golden thread and whether the industry has the capability and capacity to implement the golden thread.

The report points to an industry that understands the need for a golden thread of information to support better building safety outcomes for owners and residents of higher risk residential buildings whilst highlighting the need for investment and leadership to make this happen.

The report can be viewed here.

Chief Executive of the CIOB, Caroline Gumble, said:

“Quality has been at the heart of the CIOB’s work for many years and I’m delighted we’ve been able to support this report. We know that keeping accurate and up-to-date information on buildings is a key component in delivering improvements in safety and understanding where, as an industry, we are able to implement it is a big step forward. The results presented in the report provide a clear sense of the industry attitudes towards the golden thread, as well as the direction the industry needs to take to embed this culture change to improve safety for all.”

Chief Technology Officer of i3PT Certification, Vicki Reynolds, said:

“The initial goal for this research was to provide insight directly from the field in to our industry’s capability and capacity to deliver and maintain a digital golden thread of asset information. I believe that we achieved that goal, and that the resulting report provides a picture of optimism, and a clear acceptance of the need to change. The responses we received to the survey were detailed and considered, and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to add their insight.”




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