CIOB supports International Post-graduate Research Conference


2nd July 2015


The International Post-graduate Research Conference 2015, organised by the School of the Built Environment (SoBE) at the University of Salford, was supported by the Chartered Institute of Building.

For more than 10 years the IPGRC has been attracting postgraduate researchers, including professional doctorate candidates from across the UK and overseas.  The 2015 conference
hosted discussions into the development and application of new and emerging practices to challenge current design and construction practice in the areas of people, process and technology issues, including:

•    Business, Economics and Finance

•    Property and Project Management

•    ICT, Technology and Engineering

•    People, Skills and Education

•    Design and Urban Development

•    Sustainability and Environmental Systems

Prof Ghassan Aouad, CIOB President and keynote speaker focussed on ‘How to become a research leader’. He said, “Research should be led by enquiry and preferably by what industry needs.  It should be supported by strong methodologies and should make a serious contribution to knowledge. The ingredients of strong research leadership include knowledge, innovation and passion.  The CIOB and the academic community will continue to work together and with the industry.”

To celebrate and support innovation and research CIOB President Ghassan Aouad also presented CIOB awards to the below recipients. 

•    CIOB Best Research Paper Award (best paper for the most innovative research): Bhakti More, Paper Title “Expatriate Housing and the Social Fabric in Dubai” (Prize: £200 with a CIOB certificate)

•    CIOB Best Research Paper Award (best paper for research methodology): Charles Nsibande, Paper Title “An Alternative Approach to Doctorate Research in the Built Environment” (Prize: £200 with a CIOB certificate)

•    CIOB Best Poster Award (best poster for research methodology): Adonis Haidar, Poster Title “The Digital Narrative for Architectural Design” (Prize: £100 with a CIOB certificate)

•    CIOB Best Poster Award (best poster for research and innovation): Attieh Moezoddin, Poster Title “Culture Lead Urban Development through Creative Hub Concept” (Prize: £100 with a CIOB certificate)

For a copy of the keynote presentations, photos and event video please go to:-



Saul Townsend
+44 (0) 1344 630 766

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